Why I’ll miss Tahoe

My dear friends,

This marks my final week in Tahoe before I drive back to Seattle for a few months. This Saturday, I take the 14 hour drive at once, and then wake up early on Sunday morning to fly out to Tel Aviv for a 2 week-long adventure with two of my best friends. Keep an eye out for a recap post on that trip later! While I’m sure it will be an absolute blast, I can barely get my head around the fact that I am counting down my last few days in the town I’ve called home for nearly 3 months, let alone think about flying halfway around the world in less than a week.

My time here in Tahoe has had it’s fair share of downs. The lack of snow combined with my injury last month have actually resulted in one of the more low-key ski seasons I’ve had in years. I had a few trips fall through and gas is expensive. I miss Amazon delivery. I miss my friends and family back home. I miss having a bedroom with a door on it. Sometimes, I get lonely or overwhelmed by living by myself in a town where I’m an outsider.

But, for every disappointing, lonely, or frustrating moment, I’ve had 10 more beautiful ones. The lack of snow led to some picturesque beach days. My injury gave me a reason to focus on my art, my reading, and my mental clarity. The trips that fell through meant more time to spend in Tahoe. Expensive gas meant more walking. No Amazon delivery meant less spending. The friends that I made here feel like family. No bedroom door means the dogs that live here can walk in and out of my room as they please. Living by myself has led to a sense of personal freedom that I know I’ll never give up.


I’ll miss Tahoe. I’ll miss the way you don’t lock your doors and the way icicles form outside my bedroom window. I’ll miss my favorite bartender, Domino, at my favorite bar, Whitecaps. I’ll miss the way the air feels fresh and sharp in the mornings before a big storm. I’ll miss the sound of waves lapping against the shore, as if I live next to the ocean rather than a large lake. I’ll miss the friendly hellos and good mornings from my roommates. I’ll miss the friends I made and the laughter we shared. I’ll miss the sunrise, the sunset, the stars and the moon. And probably, above all, I’ll miss Jackson and Tasha, the two dogs that live with me and stole my heart.

I’m thankful for the pain that comes with goodbyes, because it means my time here was worth it, and meaningful. I’m also beyond excited for what the future has in store for me- in two days I’ll be on a flight to experience some of the most beautiful scuba diving in the world with my best friend, and in two months I’ll be on the way to travel through Central and South America. Life is a magical, overwhelming whirlwind, and I’m loving every last minute of it.

Stay beautiful, friends.

Reflections after 27 years of life

My dear friends,

This past Wednesday I turned 27. If I’m being honest, it was a bittersweet day. If I’m being completely honest, it was mostly bitter.
On Monday I lost one of my closest friends unexpectedly. It was the kind of call you never want to receive, a sobbing friend on the line telling you that this girl with whom you spoke to not even 24 hours before, had passed. Life’s not fair sometimes.
I’m no stranger to death- unfortunately, I’ve experienced my fair share of loss in the last several years. But this particular death truly shook me to my core. It has caused me to reflect a lot on the question of free will, of pain, and of life’s meaning in general.
Looking back at this last year, I’ve experienced a lot of loss. 26 wasn’t an easy year for me, but growth rarely comes from complacency, so despite the pain and loss, I am grateful. And I am stronger than I’ve ever been. So without further ado, I’ll leave you with my top 5 life lessons from my 26th year of life:
1) I am the only person who can control my happiness. This one was a tough lesson to learn. It’s easy for me to fall into a pattern where I depend on others (a significant other, a friend, my family) to bring me happiness. While all of those relationships are wonderful to have, ultimately I’ve learned that my happiness is up to me, and me alone.
2) The most significant growth comes through hardships. Personal growth rarely comes from being stagnant. Experiencing the speed bumps in life are truly what causes us as humans to blossom.
3) With good friends, you can conquer the world. Remember what I said earlier about how only you can control your happiness? I stand by that, but remember, you’re nothing without the people you surround yourself with. Friends who support you, push you, and inspire you are invaluable, and I wouldn’t trade mine for all the money in the world.
4) Your dreams will never happen…if you don’t work hard to achieve them. I had spent most of my life dreaming of traveling the world, of living in a ski town, of working remote. But…I didn’t do anything about it. Finally, after having enough, I changed that. I went from the lowest point of my life to what has become some of the highest. But it took work.
5) It’s okay to be alone. Whether that’s going to a concert, eating dinner in your favorite restaurant, traveling to Texas, or moving to Tahoe, it’s okay to do it on your own. In fact, I would highly recommend it. Doing things by myself has made me fiercely independent, self-aware, and confident. Plus, I talk to myself all the time so it’s basically like I have company 😉

There you have it—all the wisdom I’ve acquired in the last year. Take it or leave it, and I hope you can grow from it.


I spent the first few hours of my 27th year hiking up Eagle Rock in North Lake Tahoe with a pot of yellow tulips for Kalli. They were planted in the snow as the sun rose in front of me. I love ya, girl.


What fills your soul?

I was speaking with a dear friend today about her future. She was talking about how she will be up for a promotion soon at her job, and she’d be making nearly double what she makes now. But she isn’t sure if she wants to take it.

So I asked her, “does it fill your soul? When you’re doing your job, do you think, this is it. This is what I was put on this planet to do.”

Because I have a piece of advice for her, and for you, and for everyone who asks- if your life doesn’t fill your soul, you need to find a new life.

I have a little story for you. I took a trip to Italy a while back that changed the projection of my life. Honestly, I wasn’t happy with my job. It was a fine job, don’t get me wrong, but I woke up every morning feeling empty, like something was missing. In a word, I wasn’t fulfilled. Then I went to Italy. And there was some point, maybe it was when we were taking a one person ski lift up the mountain in Capri, or maybe it was when we were hiking up to the summit of Mount Vesuvius, or maybe it was when we were eating Michelin star pizza in Naples, at some point I realized— this is it. My soul is filled. This is what I was put on this planet to do- I am here to travel and explore and see the world. I am here to experience new walks of life, to go outside of my comfort zone, to never sit still and to never be bored. To never spend a day wondering what I will do. To meet new people, to fall in love with their stories and ideas.

And that moment, that trip, is what catapulted me to where I am today. I became obsessed with finding a way to make my dream, my passion, a reality. I researched working on cruise ships, as an international sales executive, an au pair, a teacher. Anything to make my dream a reality. When this job at Zapier popped up, my life was changed forever.

Now, I’m two weeks into my adventures in Tahoe as a nomad. And I can officially say, my soul is full.

Is yours?

Love you all,

Week 1 of Nomading: Settling in, Colorado Trip

My first week of official digital nomad life has been a bit of a whirlwind. After 2 days and 15 hours of driving from Seattle to Tahoe, CA, I had three days to explore my new town before taking off to Denver, Colorado to ski Vail and Breckenridge and explore Denver.
After 6 days in Colorado, I’m officially back in Tahoe (for a few days at least…!) and working long hours before my next trip.
Tahoe life is, in a word, different. We don’t lock our front door (my roommates literally don’t have keys), we don’t have a mailbox, at any given point in time I live with between 2-5 dogs. There’s no snow, and believe me, that is the topic of conversation anywhere you go. I ended up not remembering to bring any hangers, but the nearest Target is 18.2 miles away, in another state. I need to get my nails done, but it’s an hour-long drive to the next nail salon. I asked my roommate if there’s live music in town, to which he emphatically said, yes of course! When I asked what kind of music, he explained that a local band played at the dive bar next door every Wednesday.
Despite all of these stark differences from my typical city life, I am loving Tahoe! Everyone here is kind and genuine. They’re friendly, they’re outgoing, and they are here to adventure. To quote one of my new friends, “everyone that lives in Tahoe is running away from something. And we’re having the best kind of fun doing it.” It truly does feel that way; Tahoe is in itself an escape from what many consider the drag of office life. And I truly mean that. You’ll meet a lot of people here. So far, I’ve met a couple who owns an art shop in town, 8 professional skiers, a guy who grows weed, and many construction workers. But no office workers. People here think differently; they live in the moment, they dance to the beat of their own drum. And they’re perfectly happy doing it. I fit right in.
Honestly, between all of the unpacking, working, and traveling, I haven’t had much time to fully and completely explore the city. Pictures and updates on where to eat, drink, explore to come in later posts.
Colorado itself was equally amazing. If you ski, Vail is a mountain you cannot miss. We were with a group of about 10 people skiing Vail, and we all equally agreed it was one of the best ski days we’d had at a resort. Breckenridge is also an amazing mountain. With 10 peaks and dozens of lifts, you’re sure to find some kind of terrain you love. We found Breckenridge almost too big for a group of people who had never (or at least rarely) skied the mountain. With 10 peaks to explore, you find yourself doing a lot of gondola riding or traversing from peak to peak. Nonetheless, it’s hard to complain about a bluebird day.
The reason we chose those particular days to be in Breckenridge was that they had an annual festival, Ullr Festival, occurring during that time. Ullr festival is basically where everyone dresses up as Vikings and parties in the streets. It was a crazy, wild experience and I would highly recommend it. If you go, don’t miss the parade and the burning of the Christmas trees. For me, the Christmas tree burning was particularly symbolic and beautiful. The way the sparks flew in the air and the fire warming my skin felt magical. I can’t describe that moment of happiness.
In short, my first week has been a breath of fresh air. From navigating the plains of Oregon to missing my flight in Denver to showing up at a bar alone in Tahoe, I’m constantly and consistently pushing my limits, and loving every second of it. Cheers to a new chapter, friends.
Love you all,

2017 Reflections

For me, 2018 is one of those years that goes against the grain. It’s one of those years where your life doesn’t go as planned. It’s a year for self reflection, self discovery, and self love. It’s a year of uncertainty, anxiety, and discomfort. A year of adventure, spontaneity, and spirit. It’s my 2017 antithesis; a journey to find myself.
If I’m being real here, 2017 was the worst year that I’ve had to date. In the age of social media, we spend a lot of time showing ourselves in the best light. I, for one, am guilty of this and I know for a fact this will come as a surprise to even my closest of friends. An extremely personal relationship in my life was falling apart, I was going through some difficult health issues, and my mental health slowly deteriorated to hit my lowest low towards the end of October. It was honestly difficult in those days to just get out of bed in the morning, let alone go to work or go out with friends and smile like everything was okay.
It’s during those moments that you learn who is truly there for you, and unfortunately who isn’t. That lesson wasn’t easy for me- I lost someone I cared deeply about, and it turned my world upside-down. I am still healing from those wounds. But, fortunately, I experienced so much more love from all other regions of my life. During my most vulnerable, my most broken, my support system embedded itself deeply into my soul, and for that I am eternally grateful.
2018 brings for me a new hope. The last few months have been an absolute whirlwind for me; in between trying to stay busy and have fun, I’ve been planning and organizing my new life. It’s hard to believe that in less than one week I’ll be on my way to begin this journey. I want to take this time to thank everyone who supported me in taking this giant leap of faith. We may be miles apart, but I will forever hold you near and dear in my heart. I love you all!