The (rough draft) Plan

As I prepare to embark on this journey, I have had many questions relating to my exact plan and itinerary, as a lot of you have expressed interest in meeting up with me during my travels. I thought I would take the time in between now and my departure to Tahoe to lay out my (somewhat tentative) travel plans. Please consider this an open invitation to anyone and everyone to come visit or join me on any of my journeys!

USA Adventures:

-On Jan 3rd, I begin my new life by driving to Tahoe, CA. I’ll be stopping (for one night) in: Portland, Bend, Klamath falls, and then finally ending in Tahoe on Jan 7th. Tahoe will be my home base for the next 3-4 months.
-From 1/10-14 I’ll be in Colorado skiing Breckenridge
-From 1/19-1/21 I’ll be in LA
-From 1/29-2/5 I’ll be in South Carolina for a work trip
-From 2/8-2/12 I’ll be in Montana skiing Whitefish
-From 2/21-2/26 I’ll be in Whistler skiing. I’ll be staying in Seattle on 2/21 and 2/26 as well
-Around April or May, I’ll make the trek to Seattle. If you want to visit me in Tahoe, please make plans before then 😃
-I plan to be in Seattle until June.

Central + South America Adventures:

-From June 1 through July 1*, I’ll be living in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua learning to surf and exploring the beautiful country of Nicaragua
-On July 1*, I’ll fly to Medellin, Colombia, where I will live for about 6 weeks.
-On Aug 17*, I’ll be taking a flight from Medellin to Lima. Once in Lima, I’ll be doing a month long tour along Peru, from Lima to La Paz, Bolivia. (Lima>Paracas>Huacachia>Nazca>Arequipa>Cusco>Puno>Copacabana>La Paz)
-On Sept 15*, I’ll be staying in Bolivia. Moving from La Paz to Sucre and then to Uyuni.
-On Oct 1*, I’ll be doing a 4 day long tour through the Salt Flats and into San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.
-Once in San Pedro de Atacama, I’ll be taking a flight to Santiago, where I’ll be living for about a month (until Nov*)
-On Nov 10*, I’ll be taking a flight from Santiago to Beunos Aires, Argentina, where I’ll be living for about a month (until the end of Nov*)
-On Dec 1*, I’ll be taking a 3 week long bus tour from Beunos Aires, to Rio. (Buenos Aires > Puerto Iguazu > Foz do Iguacu > Sao Paulo > Paraty > Ilha Grande > Rio de Janeiro)
-I’ll be in Rio for just a few days before flying home to Seattle for the holidays.
*All these dates are tentative and subject to many changes.
Stay tuned for future posts on more specifics and how I plan to travel across this amazing continent!

The beginning.

Hello friends and welcome to my blog! This blog is intended to document my travels and journey as I begin to live my life as a digital nomad.

Digital Nomads: (noun) are individuals that leverage wireless digital technologies to perform their work duties, and more generally conduct their lifestyle in a nomadic manner. Such workers typically work remotely—from home, coffee shops, public libraries and even from recreational vehicles to accomplish tasks and goals that used to traditionally take place in a single stationary workplace. –Wikipedia

In my case, I recently accepted a position for an entirely remote company, Zapier, on their Partnerships team. I will be working 40 hours a week as I travel, and my travels begin in Tahoe, California, where I will be living and working as a pseudo-ski bum for the next several months.

I invite you to follow my journey as I outline the adventures, memories, challenges, and joys of being a digital nomad. I hope you enjoy!